Monday, September 24, 2012

Jake Owen Likes To Keep In Touch With His Fans On Twitter!

JAKE OWEN likes to stay actively connected to his fans on Twitter and Facebook. And every so often he'll reward one of them with free tickets to a show. So, obviously, Jake sees the social networks as a valuable resource. He says, quote, "I try to reach out to as many people as possible, whether it be Twitter or through my fan club or at shows. "On a daily basis I am constantly trying to figure out another way to connect to another person, in order for them to say, 'You know, he's a good guy. We believe in what he’s saying, we believe in what he's doing.'" And he believes that connection with his fans is responsible for his success. He says, quote, "Whether you have a record deal or not, there's a million and one people way more talented than I am. "And why I have the things going for me right now that I do, I don't know, other than I know that I work hard and I appreciate it."

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