Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keith Urban Was On a Singing Competition As a Nine-Year-Old...And One of the Judges "Crucified" Him

KEITH URBAN is NOT going to be a hard-a** judge on "American Idol". The reason is because he competed on a singing show in Australia as a kid and one of the judges brutalized him. Keith said, quote, "I did a show when I was 9. I actually did a show in Australia, one of these kinds of shows with three judges, and one of them just completely crucified me. "He also said to me, 'I encourage you to get out of country music, just get rid of that nonsense [and] get into some real music.' I obviously took it to heart." As for what Keith DID learn from that judge,  he says, quote, "I know that I'll never be THAT guy."

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