Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Carrie Underwood Says the People of Nashville Are Not "Scandalous" and "Backstabbing" Like in the Show "Nashville"

CARRIE UNDERWOOD lives in Nashville and she's also a fan of the show "Nashville". So "Rolling Stone" asked her if there are any similarities between the two. The answer is yes. But mostly no. Carrie said, quote, "I feel like the show represents our town really well. I love watching it because I'm like, 'I eat there.'" Then again, she hasn't witnessed any of the nastiness that probably keeps fans interested in the show. She adds, quote, "I hope people don't think all the ladies of country music are that scandalous, because I promise you we're not. "I hope people don't think it's all backstabbing and everybody sleeping with everybody else. That's really not the case, at least to my knowledge. "There might be all kinds of stuff going on that I don't know about, but not in my world. People really are pretty open and friendly and normal."

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