Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taylor Swift Is Getting Death Threats for Dating Harry Styles of One Direction.

TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY STYLES of ONE DIRECTION have yet to confirm they're dating . . . but that's not stopping his fans from posting insanely stupid stuff on Twitter. According to "The Sun", a group calling themselves Directioners hit up Twitter with death threats. One of them Tweeted, quote, "I'll murder Taylor Swift. She will not date my Harry." Another one wrote, quote, "If u dating my harry, I kill u."
One fan Tweeted a message directly to Harry that said, quote, "Harry Styles, don't date Taylor Swift. Are you insane? She's gonna write a crazy song about you that'll go number one and you'll die."

(--It appears these posts were taken down pretty quickly . . . and I doubt Taylor is worried about idle threats from misguided young girls. Still, it must be unnerving to know someone wants you dead . . . and is willing to shout it out to the world. IMHO - Whomever is doing this should be arrested and held accountable. It's not only stupid, it's a serious offense. Just sayin...)

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