Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eric Church Will Not Be Rushed Into Recording a New Album.

Nobody tells ERIC CHURCH what to do . . . not even the record company suits who sign the checks.  Eric was asked if winning the CMA Album of the Year award for "Chief" might inspire him to cash in by rushing out a follow-up record. Eric will have no part of that. He said, quote, "Hell no, I'm gonna wait longer. I think there [are] a lot of reasons to make records.  The one thing I won't do is I won't make records for an economic reason. "It won't be because a label needs to make a quarterly number or we need to promote a tour. The next record will come when creatively it's the right time." Eric pointed out that he took his time recording "Chief", and that worked out pretty well. He adds, quote, "I'm not gonna rush it and when it's time it'll be time."

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