Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taylor Swift Still Keeps in Touch with Conor Kennedy AND She'll be performing on Thursday's "X Factor"

TAYLOR SWIFT does NOT trash every guy she's ever dated. She claims to be "incredibly close" with TAYLOR LAUTNER and now we're hearing she's still on speaking terms with CONOR KENNEDY.
According to the "New York Post", Taylor and Conor still talk on the phone and there's a solid chance they'll see each when she attends the RFK Gala on December 3rd. Apparently, the only reason they broke up was because Taylor knew she'd be out of her mind busy promoting "Red" plus there's that little issue of Conor still being in high school. Taylor will also be performing her song "State of Grace" from her new album "Red" on Thursday's "X Factor". It'll be the first time she's performing that song on TV.

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