Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Craig Morgan Has Steven Tyler's Back on the National Anthem Controversy

A lot of people piled on STEVEN TYLER for his less-than-stellar performance of the National Anthem at Sunday's New England Patriots / Baltimore Ravens game. CRAIG MORGAN is NOT one of them. Craig's had the honor of singing the anthem a bunch of times and he feels Steven's pain.
He told TasteOfCountry.com, quote, "The Anthem is a tough song to do, and I feel bad for anybody who gets out there and has problems with it."
Craig says the first problem is getting the sound right. Even if the performer has in-ear monitors, it's difficult to hear when you're in ball fields or arenas . . . especially in gigantic NFL stadiums. He continues, quote, "The second is the pressure. It's just you, man. There's no music, there's nothing to cover you up. "It ain't like it's a song that you wrote. If I'm singing 'This Ole Boy' and I forget some words or something, I can kind of make something up and not a lot of attention (is) paid to it. You can't do that with the National Anthem."

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