Friday, April 27, 2012

New Zac Brown Band Album On The Way!

The new ZAC BROWN BAND album "Uncaged" comes out July 10th. And Zac Brown says it's going to sound different than anything they've done before. "It's your basic country-Southern rock-bluegrass-reggae-jam record." Although he was kinda joking . . . and just trying to make the point that the band's sound is evolving. They hired a permanent percussionist to beef up their rhythm section. Quote, "It really creates a new kind of pulse within the band." The album also has a straight-up R&B dance song called "Overnight". For that one, they brought in the New Orleans-based TROMBONE SHORTY & ORLEANS AVENUE. And there's a point to all the changes: It's about being a more dynamic live band. Zac says, quote, "It's really about making people dance. You just don't let them go. It's about just grabbing people in that pulse and then not letting them go that entire song."

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