Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Off-Duty Bus Driver Caught a Seven-Year-Old Girl When She Fell Out of a Third-Story Window!

52-year-old Steve St. Bernard is a New York City bus driver who lives in Coney Island. He got home from work Monday afternoon and noticed one of his neighbors was in trouble. Seven-year-old Keyla McCree, who's autistic, had taken out the screen on her third-story window and climbed out onto the ledge. So Steve positioned himself under the window and tried to convince Keyla to go back inside. She didn't. She ended up FALLING. But Steve was in position and managed to CATCH HER right before Keyla hit the ground.  Keyla wasn't hurt at all, but Steve tore a tendon in his bicep. Thank God that Steve was there and was strong enough to save this little girls life! Steve St. Bernard, you are the "Hero Of The Day"!

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