Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Volkswagen Darth Vader Ad Was Named Commercial of the Year.

Remember that Super Bowl commercial where the little kid dressed as Darth Vader thinks he can start the family Volkswagen with The Force. . . when really it's just his dad using the remote ignition? Well, "Adweek" just released their annual list of the ten best commercials that aired around the world and the Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial was number one! I laugh every time I see it.

Here it is! Enjoy!

Country Photos: Taylor Swift Is All About Christmas...

Now that her massively successful "Speak Now" tour is over, TAYLOR SWIFT is relaxing and getting into the Christmas spirit. In the past four days, she's Tweeted photos of Christmas trees, how winter makes her want to bake, and how she and her friends like to make homemade snow globes. Check out the pics Taylor tweeted...

Zac Brown Knows About Getting Paid with Soggy Dollar Bills Soaked in Beer!

Unless you win a reality TV show, you have to pay your dues to get to the top and ZAC BROWN remembers those days every time ZAC BROWN BAND goes on tour. He told CMT about the days of, quote, "Playing in a bar, and then wringing the beer outta my tip money from the tip bucket. At the end of the night, people would be spilling beer and stuff into that bucket, but I didn't care. "I'd reach down and grab the one dollar bills from the bottom and shove 'em in the cargo pants I used to wear I had soggy wads of one dollar bills on me for years. And that was my gas money, and what it took to get to the next place."

This is why I like Zac Brown...he's real! So are most Country artists. They don't forget where they come from.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Xbox is Getting a New Social Feature Called Beacons . . . and PS3 Users Who Bought "Battlefield 3" Are Entitled to Vouchers for A Free Game and Other News!

The next Xbox 360 Dashboard Update is coming on December 6th. It includes cloud storage for your game saves and new social networking features like Facebook sharing.
Click Here For The Full Story

That new Xbox update also includes a feature called Beacons, which let you mark games where you may need help from your friends. They've launched it early through All you have to do is go to [Social], click [Activity], then click [Beacon] and leave a custom note. You can have three beacons at a time.
Click Here For The Full Story

PS3 users who bought "Battlefield 3" should have also gotten a free copy of "Battlefield 1943" with the game, but it was shipped without it. So, they're making it up to them with a "Battlefield 1943" voucher on December 10th.
Click Here For The Full Story

This week's new downloadable content for the PlayStation Network includes the full version of "Modern Warfare 2", the Sly Cooper trilogy, and "Voltron".
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Delayed Games: Here's a two-page list of 13 games that were supposed to come out in 2011, but they've been pushed back to next year. They include "Kinect Star Wars", "Mass Effect 3", "The Darkness 2", and "Silent Hill Downpour".
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Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles Got Married!

JENNIFER NETTLES of SUGARLAND got married to her entrepreneur boyfriend Justin Miller on Saturday. She's 37. We're not sure how old he is, but they've been dating for about two years. Here are the details according to "People" magazine: It was a small ceremony at a chapel near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. She wore a wedding gown designed by Alexander McQueen and bandmate KRISTIAN BUSH was there. Justin's a former model. If you've seen the video for "Want To", you've seen him, he's the guy sleeping in Jennifer's bed, and she ditches him before getting on the tour bus. He was also her date to the CMAs earlier this month. Jennifer's been married before: She divorced her first husband in 2007.(--He was a club owner named Todd Van Sickle.)Whatever honeymoon plans they have will have to wait until at least next week: Sugarland's performing with LADY GAGA at tomorrow night's Grammy Nominations concert on CBS, and hosting Thursday's CMA Country Christmas special on ABC.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Trace Adkins Reveals Plans for New House

Now that the charred rubble of Trace Adkins‘ old home has been cleared away, he and his family are anxious to move in to the new house that’s being built on the same piece of Nashville property. It’s been over five months since the Adkins were forced to relocate to a guest house when the main structure burned down. Adkins tells Taste of Country that the blueprints don’t call for a large, extravagant mansion. “We’re just not into that,” he says. “We want it to be warm and welcome. It’s going to be reasonable. It’s not going to be ridiculous.” While his wife Rhonda added a few modern conveniences to the final design, there will be nothing that will land him an episode of ‘Cribs’ any time soon. However, next summer, the Adkins’ home may wind up as the hot place to cool down. “I’ve heard that the new one is going to have a pool, so I guess I’m finally going to be one of those snooty home owners that has a pool,” the ‘Million Dollar View’ singer says, laughing. With a pool comes a pool boy and a gardener and then … wait a second. Wasn’t that the plot of the music video for ‘Marry for Money’? Adkins is staying busy this holiday season. On Dec. 5, he’ll return as host for the American Country Awards on Fox. Kristin Chenoweth will join him onstage this year for the 8PM ET broadcast.

(Taste Of Country)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Country Artists Talk About Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes.

Everyone has that one favorite dish they can't wait to dig into on Thanksgiving and country stars are no exception. Here are a few them talking about theirs.

EASTON CORBIN: "We eat deer meat at Thanksgiving. Is that odd? Not in the south, right?"

HILLARY SCOTT of LADY ANTEBELLUM: "My favorite Thanksgiving food would have to be my grandmother's sweet potato casserole. There's just something she puts in it (probably all the love) that makes it better than anything I've ever tasted."

ALAN JACKSON: "My favorite Thanksgiving dish would be the homemade, cornbread-based kind of dressin' that we always have with turkey. That recipe is a combination of my mama's and (my wife) Denise has taken it and perfected it over the years, so that me and my children really enjoy it."

JAMES OTTO: "I love to eat,sadly, and all the best foods come out of Thanksgiving, like stuffing and all the things that are bad for you."

JUSTIN MOORE: "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because you don't have to fool with presents! It's just everybody gets together, drink beer and fry turkeys."

JAMES WESLEY: "We eat sausage balls with Louisiana hot sauce. My wife made those one year, and they were so good. They're so little, but you just pop them and before you know it you've eaten a whole loaf of bread. We sit around, eat, watch TV and tell stories on one another."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kimberly Perry Wore the Same Dress to the "AMAs" that Emma Stone Wore to the "MTV Movie Awards".

Normally, I couldn't care less if two stars get photographed wearing the same dress, or skirt, or sensible pantsuit. But I'm feeling a need to speak up because, in this case, "Us Weekly" totally set up KIMBERLY PERRY to look bad.
Here's what happened: The dress that Kimberly wore to Sunday's "American Music Awards" is pretty much the same one EMMA STONE wore five months earlier to the "MTV Movie Awards". Whatever, right? But "Us Weekly" decided to run a side-by-side comparison asking people to vote for "Who Wore It Best?" Emma won by a landslide, but I'm calling HUGE FOUL because the photo made Kimberly look four feet tall. (--Here's the comparison.)
So, because I believe she was wronged, my lead in photo is a much more flattering photo of Kimberly Perry. Gotta sick up for my "Country Peeps"!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Life: #2 - "I'm A Klutz!"

Ya know, it's not easy being me. Light on my feet...sometimes. A klutz? MOST OF THE TIME! I came in today feeling pretty good. Had a nice weekend. Giants lost. My wife is away on business...nothing earth shattering That is until my clumsey side showed itself this morning at 5:15. Getting ready for the show doing my usual until....I trip over the studio chair, go flying and slam my hand into our internet computer keyboard. Smash hand onto spacebar and voila! Spacebar no longer works. So as I type this, the space bar is missing, using a pen to hit the little "space button" where the bar use to exsist and its taking forever for me to type this entry. I now have to explain to our engineering dept how I'm an idiot and how I broke the spacebar. This should be good...I'm a KLUTZ!
Welcome to my life!

Amazon Black Friday Week Deals Feature Scotty McCreery, George Strait, Taylor Swift & More!

The Black Friday deals keep coming as the hectic shopping day grows nearer. Amazon is now offering up a platter of music-related items that will be on sale, and there are plenty of country stars — Scotty McCreery, George Strait and Taylor Swift, just to name a few — whose merchandise will be discounted this week. On Thursday, Nov. 24, country music fans can snag a copy Scotty McCreery’s debut and chart-topping album ‘Clear as Day‘ for just $5! Joe Nichols‘ LP ‘It’s All Good‘ will also be sold at a fraction of the original price on Thanksgiving day. The following day is Black Friday, and there will be tons of CD’s on sale that day. If you like George Strait, you can purchase a copy of his latest album ‘Here for a Good Time‘ for only $5. Toby Keith‘s ‘Clancy’s Tavern,’ Lauren Alaina‘s ‘Wildflower,’ and Alison Krauss‘ ‘Paper Airplane‘ are also being sold at the discount price of $5. Brad Paisley fans can also get a deal on ‘This Is Country Music‘ if they are willing to spend $6 on the disc. On Sunday and Monday, Nov. 27 and 28, Lady Antebellum‘s wildly popular ‘We Own the Night‘ album will be on sale for $7 on, while Taylor Swift’s ‘Journey to Fearless‘ DVD will be listed for only $7 as well. If you love country music or are looking for some great and cheap Christmas gifts, get your mouses ready to seize those Black Friday deals on Amazon! The feverish shopping frenzy will be worth it, since you won’t see discounts like this for the rest of the year!

(Taste Of Country)

Friday, November 18, 2011

There's a Woman In Florida Already Lined Up Outside Best Buy for Black Friday!

You REALLY want to save $15 on a Blu-ray player THIS badly?
In St. Petersburg, Florida, there's a woman who's ALREADY camping out in front of a Best Buy for Black Friday. And she's been there since Wednesday . . . meaning she's doing NINE days of camping to be first in line for sales! (?) Her name is Christine Orta, and she's a college student who's on break right now, so she has the time. She says she's camping out because, quote, "You've got to pinch a penny . . . it's affordable right now."


(Tampa Bay Online)

Trace Adkins is "Country Weekly's" Sexiest Man . . . and You Can Download His Song "Million Dollar View" for Free!!

The readers of "Country Weekly" have voted TRACE ADKINS as their Sexiest Man. As part of the honor, they put him on the cover of the issue that hits newsstands today. And as an added bonus, the magazine is giving away Trace's song "Million Dollar View" for free. Just hit up and click on the "Free Download" button on the left side of the page. You'll have to give up your email address.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Did William Shatner Almost Die Deep-Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey?

WILLIAM SHATNER has teamed up with State Farm Insurance to warn Americans to be careful when deep-frying turkeys this Thanksgiving. And as it turns out, he speaks from personal experience. He says, quote, "Several years ago I was burned on my arms after accidentally dropping the turkey in the hot oil. People need to remember that hot oil and turkey can be a dangerous combination. "Ignorance is the friend of accidents. Be enemies with ignorance."

The Band Perry and Thompson Square Had a Huge Increase in Record Sales After the CMAs!

Several artists enjoyed a nice bump in sales after the CMAs. THE BAND PERRY'S self-titled debut album saw an increase of 112%. They'd won the awards for New Artist of the Year, plus Song of the Year and Single of the Year for "If I Die Young". THOMPSON SQUARE enjoyed a 96% surge in sales of their self-titled debut CD, and sales of ERIC CHURCH'S album "Chief" were up 61%. They'd both lost out to the Band Perry for Best New Artist. JASON ALDEAN'S smash album "My Kinda Party" jumped 53% after he picked up the award for Album of the Year. And BLAKE SHELTON'S "Red River Blue" was right behind that with a 52% increase after winning Male Vocalist of the Year.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

David Nail's New Album is Getting Props From Two NFL Quarterbacks . . . Jay Cutler and Blaine Gabbert!

DAVID NAIL'S new album, "The Sound of a Million Dreams", dropped yesterday. It's a little too early to tell how well it'll do. But it's already getting serious props from two NFL studs. Chicago Bears quarterback JAY CUTLER already bought the album. He Tweeted, quote, "DavidNail on iTunes. Just downloaded it, well done buddy. Check it out, some of his best work yet."
As did Jacksonville Jaguars QB BLAINE GABBERT who wrote on his Twitter page, quote, "Gotta check out davidnail's new album 'The Sound of a Million Dreams' on iTunesMusic."

Way to go David!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Many Times Do You Think They Say, "The Force" in All Six "Star Wars" Movies Combined?

Someone who loves "Star Wars" (and has way too much time to kill...just sayin') went through all six movies and counted how many times the characters say the phrase, "the Force." It turns out, those two words are uttered 91 times. There's a minute-long montage of them on YouTube called "Star Wars: The Force Supercut." Here it is...

New Video Games This Week!!

The most anticipated game of the week has finally come!!
"Assassin's Creed: Revelations" (M) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. The fourth game in the "Assassin's Creed" series features both Ezio and Altair as playable characters. Ezio travels to Constantinople and fights templars who are searching for a way into Altair's hidden library, which contains a powerful artifact. Your new weapons include a hookblade and the new ability to create bombs using hundreds of random components you find across the city. "Revelations" also includes the multiplayer action introduced in "Brotherhood", along with some new game modes.

"Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary" (M) . . . on Xbox360. The game that started it all for "Halo" fans has been re-mastered with HD graphics and a few other nifty features. The campaign now has achievements, and supports online co-op play. And multiplayer will feature six maps inspired by the first two "Halo" games. You can also use Kinect to scan items in game for later review in your library, and you can even throw grenades if you feel like getting off the couch.

"Need for Speed: The Run" (T) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, Wii, PC, and 3DS. In this game you play as a guy who needs to win a cross country race from San Francisco to New York City in order to settle a $25 million debt. "Transformers" director Michael Bay did the trailer and there are just as many explosions as you would expect.

"Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games" (E) . . . on Wii. Everyone's favorite plumber, hedgehog, and friends compete in over 30 Olympic events like synchronized swimming, soccer, and rowing.

"Jurassic Park: The Game" (T) . . . on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. This adventure game follows the events of the first "Jurassic Park" movie.

These are some of the noteable titles this week! Enjoy!


Tim McGraw And Kenny Chesney Are Touring Together Next Year!

Last week there were rumors that TIM MCGRAW and KENNY CHESNEY would be recording a duet and launching a co-headline tour! No word on the duet, but the tour is confirmed. It's called Brothers of the Sun and it kicks off June 2nd in Tampa, Florida. JAKE OWEN and GRACE POTTER & THE NOCTURNALS will be opening the shows!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Help Build 100 Homes for Habitat for Humanity

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were noticeably absent from the 2011 CMA Awards, but for good reason. The country music couple not only make music together, they give together too — Brooks and Yearwood, along with Habitat for Humanity, helped build 100 houses for hurricane victims in Haiti last week. They weren’t alone, however. The pair, who have been married for six years this December, were just two of 500 volunteers building new homes for those in need as a part of the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. This particular project, which is an annual event, is in its 28th year. Brooks, Yearwood, the Carters and other dedicated helpers acted to rebuild only a small fraction of the 105,000 houses that were destroyed by the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in January of 2010, displacing thousands of families. The Carter Work Project, with Habitat for Humanity, will continue its efforts in Haiti in 2012 in hopes that it will offset some of the great loss and raise awareness surrounding the destruction that is still, for the most part, untouched.

(Taste Of Country)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day: A Day Of Celebration and Rememberance...

Today is a day to reflect, on the men and woman who have each shown their love for our country and family by serving in our military. We hug and hold our service men and woman that have returned safely home to us. We remember those who are gone. It is with a tear in my eye that I type this today. I come from a military family, most of whom are gone. But all served and served proudly. To my family that defended and held postions on Omaha Beach and on the shores of Italy during WWII, I salute you. To my family that served in Korea keeping the DMZ secure, I salute you. To my father, who served in Vietnam. I am so proud to call you dad. I miss & love you and mom very much. I hope that I served with as much honor and courage as all of you. To all of my friends that are currently serving, I love you all. Stay safe. To families that have their members serving in our armed forces, all of our hearts are with you. No matter how tough times get, just know are never alone. You have respect, support and love from all of us. Thank you for your strength and THANK YOU to your family members for keeping us safe and free. God Bless our Armed Forces and God Bless America.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Night's CMA Gift Bags Were Worth $15,000!

One of the biggest perks of being a performer or presenter at an awards show, is all the free swag they throw at you. And it's always good stuff. For example, last night's gift bags at the CMAs were valued at $15,000. It was a wide range of stuff too. From custom jewelry, designer sunglasses and clothing to scarves, leather messenger bags and iPod accessories.

Side Note: If nobody wants theirs...I'll take it! Yeah Right! They're not giving those up! Nice to dream though.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hammer's CMA Picks!

First, let me start by saying that I don't gamble...because I suck at it! Like I said earlier today, I couldn't pick the winner of a one horse race! With that being said, here are my CMA picks for tonight.
Entertainer Of The Year
Brad Paisley

Female Vocalist Of The Year
Taylor Swift

Male Vocalist Of The Year
Keith Urban

New Artist Of The Year
The Band Perry

Vocal Group or Duo
Rascal Flatts

Vocal Duo Of The Year
Sugarland (This one was a tough decision. Thompson Square is really cool. But I think that they have a little way to go. Just sayin')

Single Of The Year
Honey Bee - Blake Shelton

Song Of The Year
Dirt Road Anthem - Jason Aldean

Album Of The Year
Speak Now - Taylor Swift (This too was a tough decision. But according to the numbers, Taylor Swift out earned Brad Paisley by roughly 5 million dollars last year. I'm guessing that might be a factor here.)

Musical Event Of The Year
Old Alabama - Brad Paisley

Music Video Of The Year
Old Alabama - Brad Paisley

There ya go! Let's see how close I was. Feel free to play along!

"My Life": Episode 1

Ya know, every now and then certain Things" happen in my life that I need to share with you all. Don't ever think "Why does this only happen to me?" Oh No, my friends! You can guarantee that it's happened to me too. So, for my first intallation of "My Life", I just want to point out that so far, every morning this week, when I go into a commercial break, the VERY FIRST commercial is the ad about "Low Testosterone". You know the one "Are you half the man you use to be?" What the hell??? Is this the girls in the office having fun with me? Or is it a sign from the Lord above? Either way, it can only happen to me. Welcome to "My Life".

Have a great day!


Brad Paisley’s Son Tries to Impress Carrie Underwood With ‘Cave Man’ Moves!

Before Brad Paisley filmed the ‘Remind Me’ video, his son Huck (William Huckleberry) had a chance to meet Carrie Underwood for the first time. The 4-year-old has long had a crush on the blond singer, and Paisley says his boy made the most of his opportunity. “He got all excited. He had to pick out what he was gonna wear,” Paisley said during a CMA Awards press conference. “He picked out a Batman shirt.” Paisley and Underwood are once again hosting tonight’s ABC broadcast. "[He] bought me flowers, wrote me a note, showed me karate moves and stuff,” Underwood added, smiling. It’s clear she finds the adulation adorable. Paisley finds it hilarious, if not a little confusing. “And then I looked over,” Paisley continued, “and they had been talking for a little bit, and he’s standing beside the couch … and he’s got the pillow from the couch and he’s pushing it up as high as he can get it over his head and he goes, ‘Hey, Carrie. Look how strong I am.’” “I don’t know what kind of cave man these kids turn into, but it sort of starts really early,” Paisley said. He then went on to share that Huck has been checking out other women recently, specifically Kimberly Perry from the Band Perry, who’ll be touring with Paisley in 2012. “There’s still Jasper,” the shocked and heartbroken Underwood meekly whispered into her microphone. Jasper is Paisley’s youngest son, who has also shown interest in Underwood. When the two met, he stared up at the singer for an uncomfortable amount of time.

(Taste Of Country)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Here's a photo of "Jerry Maguire's" JONATHAN LIPNICKI, now 21 years old, in training to be an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter. Can't believe that movie was so long, I'm just getting old!

Oh, by the way... Ladies, "You're Welcome!"

Top 10 Romantic Songs

I thought I would share this list with you courtesy of A Taste Of Country...ENJOY!

Our Top 10 Romantic Songs come from every era of country music. Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley are the storytellers in the group, while Tim McGraw pours his heart out to the woman he cherishes. Then there are promises made by George Strait and Randy Travis and a Conway Twitty song that verges on going too far before returning to lyrics safe to play with the kids around. The words of these romantic songs are those that a woman yearns to have whispered in her ear. These are the voices that send shivers down her spine. These are the songs that men dream of playing for someone special, some day. Note: No babies were made during the making of this Top 10 list.

(A Taste Of Country)

CLICK HERE To View The list!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Keith Urban Is Having Throat Surgery to Remove a Polyp From His Vocal Chords

KEITH URBAN has scheduled throat surgery later this month to remove a polyp on his vocal chords. It's a minor, outpatient procedure but he still has to shut things down and recuperate afterwards. Keith will be honoring SOME of his appearances between now and the surgery. Unfortunately, he's postponing January's "We're All For The Hall" benefit concert. No word when that'll be rescheduled.

Read The Statement On

Billy Currington is Being Stalked . . . By The Guy Next Door

This is right out of a movie . . . except it's for real. BILLY CURRINGTON'S neighbor has been SPYING on him with a telescope and binoculars for six months. And get this: Billy found out when the creep actually told him, and was proud of it. Billy laid out the story in a series of Twitter posts. First he Tweeted, quote, "Just found out this guy has been watchin' me thru a telescope and binoculars from his house for six months. So creepy." And then this Tweet, quote, "I know this 'cause he knocked on my back door and told me this and that he knows when I come and go and says he wants to take me fishin'." Followed by this one, quote, "He says, 'Hey man, u can come to my house anytime u want to' and I say, 'Hey bro, wtf?' He [says he's] got three boats and 'I reallyyy wanna take you fishing'." Plus this, quote, "I say, 'Hey man u writin a book on me how u know all this stuff bout me?' He said, 'I got these great pair of binoculars!'" And this, quote, "He said, 'u see that house over there, bro? The one that's all lit up? That's mine, man! I see you over here every day!'" THATS too creepy. Just sayin'. - Hammer

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thoughts From Craig Morgan...Former U.S. Army Ranger!

Earlier this year we got CRAIG MORGAN'S take on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Craig's a former Army Ranger who's served overseas, so I respect his opinion. So here's what he thinks about the U.S. pulling our troops out of Iraq. He said, quote, "It's a good thing. It's where we're at. We will still have a presence there. "But as far as a show of force and a large group, it's not necessary anymore. I know this for a fact. I've been there recently and we don't need as many people there as we had in the past. "But we do need a presence and I'm confident that we will maintain a presence in that country in the same way we have in Korea since the Korean War." One more thing: Craig got in early on the whole SOP craze, which is where you take photos of people "Sleeping on Plane". But now it's morphed into something way better. Now Craig and his crew snap photos of kickass mullets. Craig says, quote, "Me and the whole band, we're mullet hunters. So we try to find as many people with mullets as we can and take pictures."

Here's a photo Craig posted of a dude rocking a world-class rat-tail mullet! LMAO!

Miranda Lambert Thinks It's Sad That Kim Kardashian's Divorce Is Considered Headline News

When it comes to showbiz marriages, MIRANDA LAMBERT expects hers with BLAKE SHELTON to go the distance. She told, quote, "Divorce is not an option. That's what my mom has always said. That's what I'm gonna take to my marriage. It's so cool to have that example set for me my whole life. It's kind of clear that (divorce) can't happen."Miranda was asked for her take on KIM KARDASHIAN filing for divorce from KRIS HUMPHRIES after 72 days of marriage. She didn't hold back. Miranda said, quote, "I wish that people would talk about news that mattered. I think it's sad that that's the headline news. There are way bigger issues to deal with, and it kind of makes me think we need to check ourselves."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A TV Station in Canada Held a $2 Million Lottery Drawing . . . and Their Sports Anchor Won!

The Global BC TV network in Vancouver held a lottery on Halloween, and the grand prize was a $2.5 million house. And when they did the drawing on live TV, the winner turned out to be the station's SPORTS ANCHOR! His name is Barry Deley. And he wasn't in the studio. But as soon as they found out he won, the two news anchors called him, and put the call on the air. He was at the grocery store when he got the news. The lottery benefited the British Columbia Children's Hospital. And it turns out Deley's daughter was a patient there when she battled leukemia seven years ago. Deley and his family get to choose from five different prizes. There are four different properties including an estate worth $2.5 million. Or they can take $2 million in cash! Barry told his colleagues he had a DREAM this would happen.

The Cops Pulled Brad Paisley Over for DUI . . . Even Though He Was Stone Cold Sober!

When was the last time you heard about a celebrity getting pulled over for DUI and then let go, because they were stone cold sober? Never? Well, here's your first. It happened to BRAD PAISLEY, whom, as you may know, doesn't drink or smoke. He told "Nightline", quote, "I got pulled over the other day for suspected DUI, which was funny because I'm never drunk.I hadn't had a drink at all. "I had two kids in the back seat. We had been to get ice cream. And to my kids, it was the greatest thing that's ever happened. They ran through the house when we got home telling everybody that Daddy got arrested." One more thing about Brad's interview with "Nightline". He was asked if there are any surprise headliners coming up at next week's CMAs, which Brad is co-hosting with CARRIE UNDERWOOD. There is. Brad said, quote, "HANK WILLIAMS JR. "I know Hank really well. He shouldn't have said what he said, but I know Hank, and I like Hank. (We thought), let's figure something out he can do to make up for it, if that fits, so he can start a comeback."

Here's Brad's full interview on "Nightline".

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miranda Lambert Can't Stop Adopting Stray Dogs

Perhaps someday MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHELTON will start a family. But until then, Blake will have to put up with her adopting just about every mutt that rambles her way. In January she took in two strays, which upped their total to seven. And on Sunday she Tweeted, quote, "This wandered up last night. 7-month-old bloodhound. Ophelia is what I named her. Lord not another one." Hours later she Tweeted that it's healthy and will be her "good luck charm". That makes eight.

(Side Note: Not sure if the pup pictured in the pic is actually one of Miranda's. Just sayin'... :) -Hammer

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Video Games This Week!

For you fans of "Middle Earth" here is...

Lord Of The Rings:War In The North

Racing game fans here are...

Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine


NASCAR Unleashed


"The Voice's" Dia Frampton and Xenia Helped Blake Shelton Get "Excited Again" About Performing

Here's proof that no matter how glamorous your job is, you eventually take it for granted. BLAKE SHELTON was in a professional rut, but he didn't even know it until he started working with the contestants on "The Voice". Blake said, quote, "From the standpoint of having been a guy who's been doing this for 10 years now, it's easy to get calloused and it's easy to forget what it was like to not have this (career). "Being around (teammates DIA FRAMPTON and XENIA), and seeing that look in their eyes and seeing that excitement when I took them out on the road with me . . . "It was [a] reminder of 'Oh my God, somewhere along the way I forgot what that was like and how lucky I am.' It rejuvenated me. Maybe that's why I got so attached to those two because they were making me feel alive again and excited about music."